Språk i skrift was founded in 2010 by me, Maria Andersson. I have worked with translation and other linguistic services since 2002.


Translation from English, Dutch and Norwegian into Swedish. My main fields of expertise are social science, marketing, business communication, education and children’s books.

Proofreading and linguistic review of Swedish copy and revision of translations.


During my employment at a translation agency, which began in 2002, I worked mainly with EU-related copy, including parliamentary debates, amendments, messages and parliamentary questions. However, I also translated educational materials, business communications, administrative writings and marketing copy. After a two-year hiatus while I studied Swedish at Gothenburg University, I also began proofing and editing original documents in Swedish, as well as revising others’ translations.

Since I started my own business in 2010, I also translate material in the social sciences, non-fiction books and literature for children and teens.

Examples of clients

Bonnier Magazines & Brands: Gardening magazine Allt om Trädgård, popular science magazine Forskning & Framsteg

VA (Public & Science)

Gothenburg University

Örebro University

Examples of other assignments


Company internal training course: workshop on marketing strategies. From Dutch.

Educational material and newsletter for a fast food chain, regularly over four years. From English.

Intranet articles for a technology consulting group on sustainability in infrastructure. From English.

Internal training and marketing material for a multinational construction and property management company. From English.

Educational material for schools: literacy exercises. From Dutch.

Voiceover script for a commercial for a furniture company. From Norwegian.

Proofreading of government documents in a variety of fields. Continuously.



Soft City. Author: David Sim. From English. (Architecture, urban planning)

Big World Small Planet: abundance within planetary boundaries. Author: Johan Rockström, photographer: Mattias Klum. From English, together with Anja Allwood and Irene Elmerot. (Environment)

Vogue: Jewellery. Author: Carol Woolton. From English. (Jewelry)

Children’s books

The Circle of Life. Author: Koos Meinderts and Harrie Jekkers, illustrator: Piet Grobler. From Dutch.

Lola and the Rent-a-Cat. Author and illustrator: Ceseli Josephus Jitta. From Dutch.

Brave Ben. Author: Mathilde Stein, illustrator: Mies van Hout. From Dutch.